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Providing accounting services in San Jose and all of U.S.

Individual Services

  • Tax services
  • ITIN Assistance
  • Foreign accounts and assets reporting

Tax services

We assure 100% accuracy in the tax preparation as all the tax returns are prepared only by the qualified professionals; all the tax returns are filed after conducting multiple quality reviews and client’s review and confirmation.

We provide Individuals, Small Business & Corporate Tax Service and Suggestions throughout the year. An experience Tax Analyst will be available to help or suggest the taxpayer on the below query’s. We, the online Tax Consultant where can get everything under one roof over a phone call.

  • Applying ITIN
  • Estimated Tax Filing
  • W-4 Assistance
  • Accounting Service
  • Services offered with respect to Tax Filing
  • Tax planning to reduce the tax liability
  • Preparation of Federal and State Tax Returns
  • E-filing/Paper Filing
  • Filing of Amendment Tax Returns/ Claim for refund
  • Passport Certification Services
  • Extension of Tax Returns
  • Individual Retirement arrangement(IRA)
  • Auditing previous year tax return
  • Amending the Tax Returns
  • Filing FBAR(Foreign Bank Account reporting)
  • Filing FATCA(Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)

ITIN Assistance

The Internal Revenue Service is taking steps to improve the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) Acceptance Agent Program. These improvement steps are focused on ensuring that only individuals with a clear tax administration purpose receive an ITIN and that all Forms W-7, Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, are processed efficiently and effectively. During this process, they review supporting and supplemental documentation and forward applicable documents, certificates of accuracy and completed Forms W-7 to the IRS for processing.

Foreign accounts and assets reporting

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

All US citizens and Residents has must file Form 8938 if you must file an income tax return and Specified foreign financial assets include foreign financial accounts and foreign non-account assets held for investment (as opposed to held for use in a trade or business), such as foreign stock and securities, foreign financial instruments, contracts with non-U.S. persons, and interests in foreign entities must file an FATCA.

  • You are unmarried and the total value of your specified foreign financial assets is more than $50,000 on the last day of the tax year or more than $75,000 at any time during the tax year.
  • You are married filing a joint income tax return and the total value of your specified foreign financial assets is more than $100,000 on the last day of the tax year or more than $150,000 at any time during the tax year.


All US citizens and Residents has a financial interest in or signature authority over foreign financial accounts must file an FBAR if the aggregate value of the foreign financial accounts exceeds $10,000 at any time during the calendar year. The FBAR must be received by the Department of the Treasury on or before April 15th of the year immediately following the calendar year being reported.

Payroll Services

We provide a full portfolio of services to effectively manage your business from payroll and benefits to recruitment and health and wellness to compliance and tax filing.

  • Making sure all checks are printed and distributed
  • Managing payroll disbursement to your employees
  • Reconciling checks to your payroll account?
  • Reducing bank processing fees?
  • Eliminating potential for check fraud?
  • Making the payments to the Federal
  • Direct deposit or printed checks on-time, every-time.
  • Payment of Federal & State payroll taxes per pay period
  • Filing of quarterly & annual payroll tax returns for Federal + State (Form 941, 944)
  • Quarterly payroll tax reports including W-2, W-3, and 1099 forms.
  • Detailed reports on your employee’s vacation, sick days, and overtime.
  • Maintaining payroll tax records
  • Payroll audit support

We are accounting professionals–you get the experts working for you and with you. Comprehensive Reports You gets a wide variety of user-friendly and accurate payroll reports. For a nominal fee, we will include union reports, certified payroll, workers’ compensation reports and much more.

Corporate Services

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Corporate Returns – 1120 & 1120 S
  • Accounting Services
  • Foreign accounts and assets reporting
  • Monthly or quarterly state sales and use tax filing
  • Sales or tax audit representation
  • Business property statement filing (571-L)
  • New business
    • Determine the best legal entity and tax structure for your business
    • Formation and incorporation of new business
    • Registration with the appropriate taxing authorities
    • Guidance in applying for EIN, EDD, and DBA
    • Board of Equalization setup
    • S Corp or C Corp conversion

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a hybrid business entity having certain characteristics of both a corporation and a partnership or sole proprietorship (depending on how many owners there are). An LLC, although a business entity, is a type of unincorporated association and is not a corporation. The primary characteristic an LLC shares with a corporation is limited liability, and the primary characteristic it shares with a partnership is the availability of pass-through income taxation. It is often more flexible than a corporation, and it is well-suited for companies with a single owner. Their liability for the operations of the company is determined by their level of investment. However, like partnerships, income tax is not paid at the LLC level, but rather it is “passed through” and taxed at the shareholder level. This somewhat complicated form of business entity should be discussed further with an attorney or accountant to determine if it will fit your needs.

In the absence of express statutory guidance, most American courts have held that LLC members are subject to the same common law alter ego piercing theories as corporate shareholders. Membership interests in LLCs and partnership interests are also afforded a significant level of protection through the charging order mechanism. The charging order limits the creditor of a debtor-partner or a debtor-member to the debtor’s share of distributions, without conferring on the creditor any voting or management rights. Limited liability company members may, in certain circumstances, also incur a personal liability in cases where distributions to members render the LLC insolvent.

Corporate Returns – 1120 & 1120 S

Sole proprietorship: A sole proprietorship, also known as a sole trader, is owned by one person and operates for their benefit. The owner may operate the business alone or with other people. A sole proprietor has unlimited liability for all obligations incurred by the business, whether from operating costs or judgments against the business. All assets of the business belong to a sole proprietor, including, for example, computer infrastructure, any inventory, manufacturing equipment and/or retail fixtures, as well as any real property owned by the business.

Partnership: A partnership is a business owned by two or more people. In most forms of partnerships, each partner has unlimited liability for the debts incurred by the business. The three most prevalent types of for-profit partnerships are general partnerships, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships.

Corporation: The owners of a corporation have limited liability and the business has a separate legal personality from its owners. Corporations can be either government-owned or privately owned. They can organize either for profit or as not-for-profit organizations. A privately owned, for-profit corporation is owned by its shareholders, who elect a board of directors to direct the corporation and hire its managerial staff. A privately owned, for-profit corporation can be either privately held by a small group of individuals, or publicly held, with publicly traded shares listed on a stock exchange.

Cooperative: Often referred to as a “co-op”, a cooperative is a limited liability business that can organize for-profit or not-for-profit. A cooperative differs from a corporation in that it has members, not shareholders, and they share decision-making authority. Cooperatives are typically classified as either consumer cooperatives or worker cooperatives. Cooperatives are fundamental to the ideology of economic democracy.

Accounting Services

Providing financial information to our clients in a timely and accurate manner is a commitment that we feel cannot be compromised. Meaningful, well-organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis. Our firm provides a full range of cost effective accounting services including the following.

  • General ledger & financial statement preparation
  • Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Annual)
  • Accounting system setup for new businesses Personal financial statements
  • Computerized payroll services
  • Business tax return preparation (Sales & Use/Business Property)
  • Accounting for small to mid-sized businesses 
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll processing
    • Customized payroll reports
    • Preparation of W-2s and 1099s
    • Federal and state payroll filings
  • Budgeting analysis
  • Cost management
  • Training and managing your accounting staff
  • Tax saving strategies
  • Bookkeeping Services
    • Set up for QuickBooks
    • Training for QuickBooks
    • Establish payroll with third party
    • Payroll tax representation at Audits
  • Sales and Uses Taxes
    • Quarterly tax filing
    • Annually tax filing

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